How Long Does College Take for a Neurosurgeon?

The fact is that to become a neurosurgeon, an individual must go through years and years of schooling, training and specialization. I have the premier through med students and doctors who are already this way to becoming that I do too; which is not only a hard path but probably also one of the longest in college. The following is the pathway that a common neurosurgery student takes to become board certified as a Neurosurgeon.

Undergraduate Education

Duration: 4 years

It all starts with getting your bachelor's degree, if you want to become a neurosurgeon. Pre-med track or biology major: As many aspiring neurosurgeons specialize on the biological processes of neurological surgery, this route may best prepare you for med school. This is an important phase to build a strong pre-medical sciences foundation and prepare for the medical school admission process, which includes taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Medical School

Duration: 4 years

If you want to become a doctor, your next step is medical school (four years after undergrad). The curriculum consists of a 2-year pre-clinical period, in which students learn basic medical and clinical sciences in the classrooms, followed by a two-part MCQ exam at the end they then move onto rotations through various specialties as seen with hands-on experience under supervision within hospitals.

Residency Program

Duration: 7 years

Residency in Neurosurgery: This is the part of training where it becomes specialized and also part with by far on an average lasts longest. These generally are seven years, with subsequent fellowship training in pediatric neurosurgery or cerebrovascular/ endovascular surgery taking 1-2 more years after completion of a residency.

Fellowship (Optional)

Duration: 1-2 years

Although it is not mandatory, a vast majority of neurosurgeons complete some form of fellowship to obtain further training in specialized areas within the field. They are within sub-specialties spinal surgery, neuro-oncology or skull base surgery etc they usually one to two years long.

Board Certification

Following residency (with or without fellowship), specifically of note is the extremely demanding board certification exam held by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. Neurological Surgery Board Certification is quite challenging as it needs to get moderated by the USA council on neurological surgery(certifying body) so that neurosurgeons can practice independently.

Total Duration

Altogether, the path to become a neurosurgeon is roughly 15-17 years after high school: four for an undergraduate degree; around four in medical school and approximately seven during residency. Pursuing a fellowship can increase the training period by another one to two years.

Continual Learning

Taking into account that neurosurgery is a continuously evolving field with the constant stream of new knowledge and technique, and finally it never stops. In most cases, neurosurgeons are expected to continue learning throughout their careers at various conferences, seminars, and workshops well after they have completed formal education and training.

This is an extremely difficult path to take and anyone who wants go into this medical field should be prepared for the time commitment and hard work it takes. A Guide to Education and Residency for Mapping a Future in Neuro Surgery - try at this tackling prison next. This is a great resource for anyone looking to enter this difficult field of medicine. neurosurgeon college years

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