How to Style Modern Kitchens with Granite?

Picking The Best Granite Color
Color — The right color of granite is a huge driver in the look and feel of the kitchen. Granite Colors for a Modern KitchenGive your modern kitchen granite colors that either provide a seamless, monochromatic look or a dramatic contrast. In contemporary space, Black, White & Grey or monochromes are the most popular colours. These colors will either merge quietly into a modern minimalist design or stir up excitement framed by high-gloss cabinetry and stainless steel fixtures.
Install Granite Countertops Worry-Free With These Tips 
In modern design, we tend to see clean lines and clear spaces. Choose big, slab granite countertops, islands, and if you can, wrap the granite up the walls as a backsplash. This allows for very gentle visual breaks, designed to keep the kitchen feeling large and open. Whenever possible, integrated granite sinks can also be utilized to allow the countertop to flow seamlessly.
Combining Textures for a Modern Twist
Granite is traditionally polished to a glossy shine, but other finishes can make a modern kitchen stand above the rest. The mat style of the honed and leathered finishes is fashionable in a modern and contemporary styling. The use of these finishes will also minimize fingerprints or smudges and are advantageous for high traffic areas.
Granite and Modern Cabinet Granite with Modern Cabinetry
Keep the look current by combining granite countertops with cabinetry that also has a sleek and modern design. Granite SurfacesNew wave style and design is available in handle less cabinets either in high gloss or in matt finish. It balances the natural complexity of the granite with the simplicity of the cabinetry to allow it to maintain its modern flair.

If As An Accent
Apart from making beautiful countertops, use granite as unique accents in the kitchen. A granite kitchen island works great here by serving as the center of the space, especially if it has a very bold vein pattern or color. Granite alternatively can be used in smaller portions, like a floating granite ledge that matches the modern look of the kitchen.
Illumination That Improves Stone Characteristics
When displaying granite, it is important to transform it using optimal lighting so its natural brilliance can be shown. Under-cabinet illumination showcases the sparkle and tonal shifts in the stone, which can give new life to all of the visual interest in the kitchen space. Pendant lights over granite islands or dining areas not only provide task lighting, but they also serve as a decorative accent that enhances the natural beauty of the stone.
For additional design recommendations and step-by-step instructions on installing granite in the kitchen, take some time to visit a resource focused on cocinas de granito modernas.
When it comes to granite, styling it in a modern kitchen means paying attention to the color, finish, and other elements that go with it. One of the most versatile materials, granite is able to blend easily in various modern designs making it perfect for anyone who is in search of a combination of durability and contemporary. Granite, whether used in an expansive application or as an accent, improves the functionality of any kitchen by leaps and bounds.

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