How to Hide Last Seen on GB WhatsApp?

Hiding your "last seen" status on GB WhatsApp provides additional privacy, allowing you to use the app without others knowing when you were last online. Here’s a detailed guide on how to hide your last seen on GB WhatsApp.

Step-by-Step Guide

Open GB WhatsApp

First, launch the GB WhatsApp app on your Android device. Ensure you have the latest version installed to access all the latest features.

Navigate to Privacy Settings

Tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner to open the menu. From there, select Settings. Next, go to Account and then Privacy. In this section, you will find various privacy options to customize your experience.

Select Last Seen Option

Within the Privacy settings, locate the Last Seen option. By default, this might be set to "Everyone," meaning all users can see when you were last active.

Choose Who Can See Your Last Seen

Tap on the Last Seen option. You will be presented with three choices:

  • Everyone: All GB WhatsApp users can see your last seen.
  • My Contacts: Only people saved in your contacts can see your last seen.
  • Nobody: No one can see your last seen.

Select Nobody to completely hide your last seen status from all users.

Customizing Further Privacy Settings

GB WhatsApp offers additional privacy settings beyond hiding your last seen. You can control who sees your status updates, profile photo, and about information. To adjust these settings, navigate back to the Privacy menu and make the necessary changes.

Freeze Last Seen

For users who want to show a specific "last seen" time while still being active, GB WhatsApp provides the "Freeze Last Seen" feature. To enable this:

  1. Go to the main menu by tapping the three vertical dots.
  2. Select GB Settings.
  3. Tap on Privacy and Security.
  4. Enable Freeze Last Seen.

This feature will display the last seen time of your choice while allowing you to use the app without updating your actual activity status.

Verifying Changes

After making these changes, you can verify if your last seen is hidden by asking a friend to check your profile. They should see "last seen" information as either hidden or frozen at the time you chose.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly update your GB WhatsApp to access new features and security updates.
  • Use gb whatsapp to download the latest version and avoid potential security risks from unofficial sources.
  • Familiarize yourself with all privacy settings to maximize control over your visibility and data.

By following these steps, you can maintain a higher level of privacy on GB WhatsApp, ensuring that your online activity remains discreet.

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