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02-11-13 05:09   I love Buku Ads, they deliver tons traffic to my sites. Thanks Buku


16-05-13 01:33   You have just WON 1000 Points playing the SCRATCH game!


17-01-13 12:02   BuQ is rocking day and night, which means it is doing fantastic things for BuKu. It is amazing how something people thought was no longer viable has risen up and is causing quite a stir. It is stronger than ever and keeps growing each and every day. If you are not a part of it...what are you waiting for? It's never too late to join in with all the flip flops, compressions, scrambles and other ingenious moves by Admin to benefit everyone the most. Now is the time! This is a new year and new beginning for you to see yours goals met. We have the vehicle to do it...get in your seat and help drive it! You'll be very happy you did.


15-01-13 09:30   I cycled several BuQ's, and Buku's a few days ago.Purchased five more BuQ's, and also received a very prompt withdrawal request.No surprise there! CAP has always paid, and will continue to pay the members that support it. Thanks Vicki and James, for giving your members a program they not only can be proud of, but also trust to be here and paying them, well in to the future!


14-01-13 03:27   I cannot even begin to express how happy I am being a member of CAP/BuKu, and with an Admin. team that are smart, honest and innovative. All parts of CAP and BuKu work. Right now there is much excitement with BuQ and with good is moving BuKu along fast. Look at this: (104) Buku's were created Friday Night (not compressed), (1249) BuKus created during compression Saturday Morning and an additional (463) Sunday. Whether you own BuKu Ad Paks or not, you need to be involved in BuQ. Oh, and if you have BuKu Ad Paks and haven't checked your account balance since the inception of BuQ, I'd dash over there right now. You may just have money in your account balance you are not even aware of and if not, the way BuQ is moving BuKu, you could very well see something there soon. This has been very lucrative for me and many others and fun besides. This is a ride the likes which I've never been on before. Come join will be happy you did. Get your BuQ's today and help yourself and the team that has been helping you so greatly!


13-01-13 06:53   AMAZING what this Team can do, we have been moving BuQ - and of course BuQ moves Buku! - at a terrific pace since BuQ has been launched.

Each compression is bigger, each day that passes more and more members are "getting it" - how FANTASTIC is this plan Vicki and James created for all of us! Every member cycles when there is teamwork!

And we have the best Team on the Net!!! Woohoo!!!

If you have not joined us yet.. oh boy... you don't know what you're missing!


12-01-13 04:39   The time is NOW to get in on all the action and fun of CAP/BuQ, and I can't stress it enough!!! Our Admin has set this part of CAP advertising ON FIRE the past few weeks and days by doing announced AND surprise compressions, which produce BUKUs, announced AND surprise flips and scrambles, with the intention of keeping us on our toes and sharply focused on moving the BuQ line. And the team is coming together and moving the line with a vengence, turning 0's into 1's, 1's into 2's and 2's into 3's. Many people woke up today with a surprise balance in their BUKU account, and the excitement is still going on. Lots of buying going on today to try and keep ahead of James, who will make a decision to flip and flop with no warning. Even this morning's compression was a surprise. Way to go James and Vicki.....without a doubt you are the GREATEST, and without a doubt THIS TEAM IS THE GREATEST!!! Get in on the action as fast as you can!! You won't regret it, I promise.


12-01-13 09:06   There is nothing like teamwork. The last few days have been so awesome with so many of us working together to move BuQ and BUKU. Where else can you purchase great advertising for just $2.50 and get $5 back and more besides? It is that simple. We were so amazed today to see our account balance. Thanks Vicki, James and the rest of the CAP team. If you have not taken the time yet, read the How It Works section so you know the potential of what is in your hands.


06-01-13 11:50   BuQ and BuKu ARE SOMETHING OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! They are both ALIVE and WELL. To say that they are a phenomena is an understatement. Cycling is happening at supersonic speed. I sometimes help post the cyclers in the Skype Room and it's hard to keep up at times with people cycling so fast; it makes my head spin. The scheduled events are planned with every member in mind. They are strategic in that they help every single member of the team in the most beneficial way possible. And it is always the right time to get don't need to be in the beginning here to do well and the advertising you get is fantastic. Whenever you join, you can't go wrong. So if you haven't got onboard yet, now is the time for you to experience the likes of which I have never seen before and I doubt you have either. Also, if you are a BuQ and/or BuKu member, I recommend you checking your account balances. Lot of cycling of BuQ, and BuKu Level 1's, 2's and 3's have been taking place. So with all the scheduled events that take place, I'd be checking daily if possible and helping yourself by helping the team. Teamwork pays off here!


06-01-13 06:15   Wow do we have a BuQing bronco on our hands. There is so much excitement with all the cycling going on. Being in the Skype room is so amazing.....all the cycling being listed is incredible. This one will never stall because of the different ways that Vicki and James have created to keep it going. Flips, flops, compression and scrambles. You need to get on the bronco for a ride of your life.


05-01-13 08:36   If you are not participating in BuQ you are definitely missing out!!! This last flip and the action by the team after has been AMAZING!!! And those who are working the program (whether a little or a lot) are definitely reaping the rewards - and many, in turn, helping the team more. BuQ by itself is rockin'! But it's also rockin' Buku. Thanks Vicki & James for an amazing program. And thanks, Team for making it what is has become!


04-01-13 06:18   BuQ has really started to rock and will only become stronger, and is moving Buku along at a nice steady rate as well.Thanks Vicki and James for this very excellent addition to CAP!


04-01-13 11:32   All I can say is if you are not participating in BuQ, you are really missing out on something very special! BuQ on it's own is great, but is doing what it was designed to do and that is to move BuKu. It is doing it brilliantly and it just keeps getting better. Read the updates from admin or the news here at the website to stay up-to-date. Join in, strap yourself in, and be ready for a fun ride like no other you have ever experienced. Partake in the scheduled events and you will be thrilled you will wonder why you waited so long or possibly haven't done more than you have been doing so far. It flat out Works and is affordable. BuKu is Alive and Well thanks to the winning combination of BuQ and BuKu working so perfectly together and a committed team that is making great things happen with their active participation. Send in a support ticket if you want to be added to the Skype Room. It is great to see all the action in real time and if you have questions or need guidance, you will get all the help you need there. Put any past disappointments aside and get will not be disappointed. Let 2013 be a New Beginning for you and BuQ/BuKu is the best way I know of to start your New Year in the most positive way possible.


02-01-13 02:37   It's always exciting at CAP/Buku, but this week is starting the New Year off with a bang!!! Lots of events for BuQ this week which started this morning. Be a part of all the fun and excitement. Make plans be involved in tonight's flip flop at 9:00P EST. Purchase BuQ Advertising spots before and after and it will accelerate your cycling. Let's party!!!


28-12-12 08:23   We've been in CAP since the beginning...and all we can say is things just keep getting better. Where else can you earn on your advertising and have a boat load of fun doing so? Well, that's what we do and I am telling you it is time to move forward like never before. Let's go CAP team...together!!!!!